Till May "Aerograd Kolomna" open at weekends and public holidays from 9 o'clock in the morning (according to Russian production calendar).

Sign up for a parachute jump in tandem, you can call: +7 (495) 790-15-11, +7 (496) 617-68-66
And write on this e-mail:


Full name of the organization

ANO DO Aerograd Kolomna of DOSAAF of Russia

Legal address
(in accordance with the constituent documents)

140490, Moscow Region, Kolomna District, Korobcheevo Airfield

Business address
(delivery address, mailing address)

140490, Moscow Region, Kolomna District, Korobcheevo Village, Korobcheevo Airfield


+7 (495) 790-15-11
+7 (496) 617-68-66


Aerograd Kolomna Pilot Training Centre

+7 (925) 836-88-87

+7 (495) 790-15-11

Aerograd Hotel Complex
(booking of rooms, sauna, order of transfer)

+7 (495) 790-15-11

online booking

Organization of corporate events and celebrations

+7 (964) 725-55-08

Media centre and media relations

+7 (964) 725-55-08

Gift certificates

online purchase

+7 (495) 790-15-11

Order of parachute systems and parachute equipment shop

Andrew Gvozdnsky

+7 (967) 078-14-48

Glissada (“Glidepath”) restaurant
and Na Starte (“At The Starting Line”) outdoor cafe

Yelena Kondakova


How to reach us?

140490, Moscow Region, Kolomna District, Korobcheevo Airfield

In a personal vehicle

M5 Ural–Chelyabinsk federal highway goes past the airfield.

Having left Moscow down Volgograd Avenue, go in the direction of Chelyabinsk, following the signs, for about 113 kilometres from Moscow Ring road. Short of the Oka River, you will see a sign reading “Kolomna, Selnikovo, Levino” and a gas filling station in front of it.

Following the sign, turn right and then again right – under the bridge, thus turning left from the highway. 300 metres after the turn you will see the entrance to the airfield on the left.

By public transport

The first option is to take an electric train from Kazansky railway station (Elektrozavodskaya, Perovo and Kotelniki stations). You may take any electric train going to Golutvin station – the terminal station, town of Kolomna. The second option is to take a bus from Kotelniki bus station, going to Golutvin, too.

From Golutvin you can get to the airfield by taxi or take bus No. 30 going through Shchurovo. (timetable)

Another option is to take a bus going from Kotelniki bus station to Beloomut. Tell the driver in advance that you need to get off the bus at Aerodrom Korobcheevo (Korobcheevo Airfield) stop. (timetable)

Access plan


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