Pre schedule of sport events in Aerograd Kolomna 2017 :
It may be changes, follow our news

21 January

Aerograd Kolomna’s hockey championship 2017

26 February

Maslenitsa “Russian cuisine”

27 April – 1 May

National competitions of  group parachute acrobatics 2016: 2-way, 4-way, 6-way in 2017

6 May

Summer skydiving  season’s opening party

22-26 May

Big Formations Camp: 40-way May Boogie

27 May - 4 June

Wingsuit camp with Jarno Cordia "Migratory birds. Spring"

11-13 June

Moscow 2-way canopy acrobatics championship 2017

1-2 July

Aerograd Kolomna’s beach volleyball cup 2017

6-9 July

Russian Wingsuit Formation Record 2017

17-23 July

Russian National Record in Big-Way Sequentials 2017

31 July - 2 August

Big-Way Sequentials “For VDV”

21-25 August

Russian Canopy Piloting Championship 2017

9-17 September

Wingsuit-boogie with Jarno Cordia "Migratory birds. Autumn"

23 September

Night Jumps at Aerograd 2017

28 October

Summer parachute season’s  closing party

29 December

The Aerograd Kolomna’s birthday party

31 December

New Year party

Instructor’s seminars schedule  in  Aerograd Kolomna :
About seminar dates we announced, follow the news.

Vladimir Arutyunov seminar "First Steps in the group parachute acrobatics"
Canopy acrobatics seminar by Constantine Krivosheev
Igor Kalinin aerial photography seminar
Andrei Baikov seminar  fly to wing suit "Wingsuit"


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