We are open to collaboration with Russian and international media outlets.

The Aerograd Kolomna press service is there to make our interaction with the media fast, transparent and effective. Our instructors and mentors will quickly provide requisite information and assist you in preparing materials.

+7 495 790-15-11, +7 964 725 55 08, Your contact: Maria Tsyplakova

The Aerograd Kolomna Aviation and Parachute Club Press Center offers assistance and support in the organization of video shoots of any kind — ads, series, movies, news reports, photo sessions, etc.рекламный ролик МТС снят в "Аэрограде"


Our services:

  • Helicopter rent for aerial shooting (100,000 roubles/flight hour)
  • L-410 rent (60,000 roubles/flight hour)
  • Parked airplane/helicopter rent (depending on the season and airfield workload — from 20,000 to 30,000 roubles/hour)
  • Aircraft towing to a selected airfield area
  • Gear rent (parachute systems, jumpsuits, helmets, goggles, altimeters) at the airfield
  • Aerial shooting by a professional cameraman (from 15,000 roubles to 25 000 roubles/jump depending on the task and number of takes)
  • Skydiving stunts (from 15,000 roubles/jump)
  • Tandem jumps from 4,000 meters.
  • Hot food for film crews (business lunch – 450 roubles) at the Aerograd restaurant
  • Accommodation of film crews at our hotel
  • Monitoring and coordination
  • Daily allowance for staff members working on the set — from 1,500 roubles.
  • “Escapes” feature by 1 Channel – helicopter rent with a crew to shoot a moving train escape scene
  • “Wedding Ring” series by 1 Channel – one production day. Shooting of the lead character’s jump, rent of gear for actors (stunt Igor Khromov)
  • “Twin Souls” feature – an airplane scene before the jump. One jump (stunt Dinara Ziyatdinova, air cameraman Dmitry Yakovlev), rent of parachute equipment
  • “Mothers” feature, one shooting day. Catering services for the crew, rent of parachute gear, rent of an airplane on the apron and towing to the set.
  • We have many more customers! We will be happy to help you!

Our customers:

To work with us, please send us an application to our email address describe in your own words the preliminary shooting schedule, requisite equipment and gear, license numbers of the vehicles that will enter the premises, names of the film crew, person in charge and date.

рекламный ролик Мегафон снят в "Аэрограде"


 КФ "Родственные души" снимался в "Аэрограде"Марина Голуб и Иван Добронравов на съемках фильма "Мамы" в "Аэрограде"

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