Welcome to the greatest DZ in Europe!


Dear friends!
We begin the registration for Wingsuit camp with Jarno Cordia in Aerograd Kolomna!

Dear friends!
Please, follow information only from official sources.

Dear skydivers!
We bring to your attention that conditions of freefly training session "From Russia With Love - Vol.1" were not agreed with "Aerograd Kolomna" administration by its organizers, thus, this action can't take place because of a number of objective reasons.
If you have in your head at least once a thought to make a parachute jump, you probably have already known the information about it in Google and now you know that there are two ways to do it.

Of course, you`ve heard about it! In October, 20th, at Skydive Perris DZ in California (USA) the first officially recognized wingsuit formations world record was established in class 61-way.

Dear sportsmen,
Again we invite You to unforgettable trip to make the most incredible adventure in your life!
In 2016 you will have the unique opportunity to skydive at one of themost charming, beautiful and unusual places of our planet – at the North Pole.

Dear friends and sportsmen,
There is little time to one of the most spectacular events in parachuting - Russian Championship in Canopy Piloting 2015.

A Skydiver is Planning a No-Parachute Jump from 25,000ft (7,500m)

A parachute jump was considered a feat, say, 70 years ago, not even a century back. Half a century ago, a long delay jump served as an amazing demonstration of your skydiving triumph—such jumps can be mastered now in a few days as part of the AFF course.

A group of 50 jumpers from the Far East became residents of Aerograd Kolomna from 18 to 22 May 2015. They all came on an important mission: to set a new big formations record for their region.

Dear friends, sportsmen,
a small reminder of the safety rules on our air video operator Andrew Veselova.

Any extreme kind of sport has its own subculture with slang, jokes, dress code. It is evident that a person who faces new environment feels uncomfortable.


Dear friends,
We are glad to tell you that by results of the vote which was taken on the official site "Aerograd Kolomna" from April 01 to April 15, 2015, the format of carrying out the Volleyball Cup 2015 in "Aerograd Kolomna" was chosen as you.

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