The Touch the Sky Program

Are you dreaming of flying and enjoying ultimate freedom?
You don't have to take an AFF course to feel the crazy drive of a solo jump!

The Touch the Sky program gives you a unique chance to make 2 jumps!

  • First jump
  • Second jump — solo, the beginner skydiver will jump with two instructors who will help him/her exit the aircraft, stabilize himself/herself during the freefall and provide instructions over the radio to facilitate land approach and make landing as safe as it gets.
The student is supposed to perform all operations independently, which provides the sensation of being in control of the situation and feeling of being a true skydiver.

A short theoretical course precedes every jump, comprising:

  • Parachute design and construction;
  • Basics of freefall;
  • Parachute control;
  • Safe landing;

If you feel that you cannot say goodbye to the sky and wish to take an AFF course (seven levels), both the tandem and solo jumps of the Touch the Sky course will be included in the AFF course as the first level jumps.

The Touch the Sky program takes two days; we advise that you make no long pauses.

прыжки с парашютом в Аэрограде Коломнапрыжки с парашютом в Аэрограде Коломна

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