Кафедра личного мастерстваКафедра личного мастерства

We have the best, most experienced RW coaches on our Aerograd Kolomna staff. Athletes and teams from all corners of the world come to us to improve their RW skills. World champions and record holders will share their invaluable experience and expertise at the Aerograd RW Academy. It does not matter whether you have just completed an AFF course or won a national championship—you will always find a program that will suit you.

As soon as you complete an AFF course, you will have sufficient skills for safe skydives. But you want more—you love working in a team of two, four, eight, or a bigger formation—but you do not have what it takes yet. You can jump on your own, making tens, if not hundreds of jumps and making the same mistakes over and over again.

Кафедра личного мастерстваFortunately, the coaches of the individual proficiency department are there to help. They will share their knowledge and experience for you to perfect your movements in the air. Every RW program skydive comprises pre-jump briefing, a skydive with a coach, and debriefing of the jump, including the analysis of errors and progress. You will feel that you can move in the air just as easily as you walk on the firm ground in no time at all.

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